Points System

How do I get points?

You get Postelio points for actions you or your friends perform using the Postelio app or the website. The following Postelio points are rewarded when you do the following:

Sign Up

1000 Points Rewarded!

Sign up for a Postelio account after downloading the app.

Create a Post

100 Points Rewarded!

You get 100 points for each post you create.

Share a Post

20 Points Per Share!

Share your posts with your contacts and get rewarded 20 points for each share


500 Points Rewarded!

Instantly redeem coupons from Postelio merchants.

What can I do with these Postelio points?

You can redeem points for cash or for special deals that we promote with our retail merchants.

Points Redeemed Reward
1000 points $1*

We are working with our retail partners to offer you additional exciting redemption rewards.
*current exchange rate, subject to change as per our Terms and Conditions. Valid only in the USA.

How can I get cash?

You can redeem your points for cash when your points reach a total of $25. Please send us a request when your credit reaches a total reward of $25 and we will send you a check. Please include your username, email address used to sign up on the site, and your mailing address.